Atten 3005S Power Supply Unboxing and Quick Teardown (Review to come soon!)

Recently I have been in need for a proper power supply as I have been tired of using the LM317 power supply that I first made. After a lot of research and searching I have finally made the decision to buy a cheap power supply just for the moment, while I am still trying out very simple circuits which do not require a specialised power supply for them. My choice of power supply finished at the Atten 3003S. Since I already have another Atten product – The 858D+ hot air rework station (as seen in the background of the image below) and I because I was very pleased with the construction and the quality I decided to go along and order the power supply. The price for the 3003S is just under $100 which is a perfect price for an electronics hobbyist. The power supply took about 3 days to order since it was coming from an Australian seller (eBay seller “carmates”) and not from overseas. Upon receiving the product I was very surprised that they shipped it in the original box instead of putting in into another box for protection. Luckily the power supply survived the journey and was received in excellent condition.

The packaging was decent, with the slightly crunched up operation manual, nothing special.

The protection padding was very nice and soft, it did the job well during the journey. It also comes with the Australian 240V mains wire, which is a bit thicker than the hot air rework station I have. I assume because it needs more current in some situations.

Upon removing the padding I discovered that the eBay seller sent me a higher spec version of this power supply. The 3005S not 3003S which means I can go up to 5A instead of the 3A that I ordered. Beauty!

Then switched on

Now time for a quick teardown!

And thats that! I will provide a proper review and teardown later on down the track when I use this power supply a bit more and get a feel for it. Overall seems to be very nice!


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  1. #1 by electroelvis on June 28, 2012 - 6:13 am

    Nice little power supply, I am still using 9v batteries as my main source for now, party because that is what my project mostly require party for money lack 🙂 In the beginning you stated that seller sent you higher spec one that can go up to 5A, but if you check behind when you put mains plug in you see that fuse is only 3A, basicly you will fry fuse up if you push it higher or am i wrong?


  2. #2 by mintelectronics on June 28, 2012 - 3:51 pm

    Hey Elvis!
    Interesting that you pointed that about about the 3A fuse.
    I’ll have to go check it next time I open the thing. My next post will most likely be a full review of this power supply including an analysis of the inside electronics.

    – Ray.

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