IV-6 Vintage Soviet Numitron Tubes

Recently I have acquired some IV-6 Soviet Numitron Tubes. Numitron tubes are just similar to normal vacuum tubes, but they run on low voltage and current hence making them highly attractive for low power project use.

To operate such a Numitron tube we must first heat up the filament inside which will in return heat up the gas inside so it can glow when a current is applied to the grid. The device has 13 pins, one of which is cut and is a refrence to count the pins counter clockwise. Below is an illustration of me simply connecting a AA battery 1.5V between pin 7 (Cathode) and pin 8 (Anode of filament).

Afterwards we are able to apply a current to the grid which is pin 9, we also put the negative lead of the power supply onto pin 7 which acts as a cathode for all the connections. The voltage range of the connection is between 6v (barely visible) to 30v in such an operation.

Then all you have to do is get another wire from pin 9 (the power supply) and connect it to the pin you want and it will light up the segment with a beautiful vintage blue colour!

I did a few measurements of the current consumption of the tube. Below is the current consumption of the grid with all of the segments turned on at 28v.

The current of the grid and all of the segments turned on at 10v.

The current of the filament at 28v.

And finally the current of the filament at 10v.

Once I begin learning about segment drivers and such I will begin using these tubes for display purposes. Currently they are just a cool little addition to the lab without much use.


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