I am a student who is interested in electronics, and this is my blog so I can keep track of my projects and other electronics. Not to mention that I can also show potential employers my level of experience and passion just by showing them my blog.

I am 15 years old right now and I have been interested in electronics since I was 13. In late 2011 I began to build a small electronics lab and buy equipment. Currently I am living in Australia and I am planning to study electronic engineering when I go to uni.

My learning style for electronics is trying to get involved in it as much as I can and learning from that. By teaching and sharing with others I get to know the topic that I am teaching or sharing about better, so this blog is also a learning “platform” for me and maybe even others if this becomes helpful enough. I prefer to take my time and go slowly as I easily get overwhelmed how much there is to know and learn.

I usually only post on the weekends since during the week I am focused on school work. However I aim to produce some content every two weeks, currently I am going alright with every week.

I am always open to suggestions and ideas so if you have anything feel free to post in the comments section anywhere on my blog, or you can contact me directly at mintelectronicsblog@gmail.com