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Multimeter Temperature Mod

Remember that $4 multimeter that I took apart? Well, I still have it. And its not very reliable nor useful. So, I have decided to make it useful! How you may ask? Well, I am going to make it display temperature so I can estimate the temperatures of different components and heatsinks. This is based on a tutorial by Embedded Lab, so I take no credit for the idea of this build. Here is the link to the project: I was thinking about doing a tutorial, but it’s already on Embedded Lab and I don’t want to plagiarise so I am just going to go through how I built this and a few modifications that I have made to the original circuit.

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Square Wave Generator with Adjustable Frequency 1Hz to 1Khz

Recently I needed a square wave to mess around with some filters, however I didn’t have one. So I decided to build one based on the ever so popular 555 timer chip!  My inspiration is from the Australia electronics magazine Talking Electronics, the project is in Issue 3. After a bit of research about the 555 and how it works, I created the final circuit ready to be used. The circuit is below (I still don’t have a proper circuit schematic drawer program, so please excuse the illustration):

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Sony Vaio VGN-SZ5XRN Teardown (and possibly a project!)

I recently acquired a Sony Vaio VGN-SZ Series laptop computer from a friend who said it was overheating too much. The computer is 4 years old as it was released in 2008. The specs on the computer are very nice with 2GB RAM, a 2.00Ghz Intel processor and NVIDIA GeForce 7400 graphics. This is an excellent laptop for carrying around as a work laptop as it has a nice and sleek shape for its age. You could probably already work out from the image below that this laptop has already gone through quite a beating with the sides gone and the keyboard just holding on with its last few notches…

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